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Thursday, May 26, 2005

In Low Regard

We went out to a club called the 6 String Cafe last night see a bluegrass band called Kicking Grass last night with a recently-engaged couple who have hired the band to play at their wedding (just 359 days left!). The band was good - promises to be a fun wedding.

Near the end of their first set, I went to the bathroom. I walk in and there's a man standing in the stall, noisily pissing in the toilet while talking on his cell phone. He says loudly, unconcerned with me, "It seems like you're disregarding me, my feelings, what I'm thinking. You just disregard me." Then he pauses while the other person responds (I assume), still pissing. He stops pissing, flushes, then says "I know you have other things going on, but you disregard me, my feelings, and what I'm thinking." Then he zips and continues his conversation.

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