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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Filmy Lister

Mon frere and associates are doing their Top 200 films list, and I've been invited to contribute. But, there's a problem: I don't think I can come with even 50 notable films off the top of my head. I know I can look at something like the New York Times' Top 1000 films for inspiration, but looking at a ranked list would probably influence my own rankings (ie. I'd be tempted to put films that rate high on their list high on my own list), so that's right out. Or, I could browse through the IMBD, looking for things I've seen before, but that could take years.

So, I'll just list as many as I can. Here are my favorite movies:

  1. Star Wars - George Lucas
  2. Alien - Ridley Scott
  3. The Godfather - Francis Ford Coppola
  4. The Outlaw Josey Wales - Clint Eastwood
  5. Blazing Saddles - Mel Brooks
  6. The Wizard Of Oz - Victor Fleming
  7. The Wall - Pink Floyd, et al
  8. Monty Python and the Holy Grail - Gilliam, Jones
  9. Fight Club - David Fincher
  10. Fellowship of the Ring - Peter Jackson
  11. The Hudsucker Proxy - Joel Coen
  12. Ferris Beullers Day Off - John Hughes
  13. A Clockwork Orange - Stanley Kubrick
  14. Pulp Fiction - Quentin Tarantino
  15. Full Metal Jacket - Stanley Kubrick
  16. Edward Scissorhands - Tim Burton
  17. Blue Velvet - David Lynch
  18. Animal House - John Landis
  19. Close Encounters Of The Third Kind - Steven Spielberg
  20. To Kill a Mockingbird - Robert Mulligan
  21. Streets of Crocodiles - The Brothers Quay
  22. Easy Rider - Dennis Hopper
  23. Goodfellas - Martin Scorsese
  24. The Matrix - Wachowski Brothers
  25. Nightmare Before Christmas - Tim Burton
  26. Reservoir Dogs - Quentin Tarantino
  27. Rushmore - Wes Anderson
  28. Slingblade - Billy Bob Thornton
  29. Heathers - Michael Lehmann
  30. The Straight Story - David Lynch
  31. The Sixth Sense - M. Night Shyamalan
  32. City Of Lost Children - Jean-Pierre Jeunet
  33. Fast Times at Ridgemont High - Amy Heckerling
  34. Leaving Las Vegas - Mike Figgis
  35. Amélie - Jean-Pierre Jeunet

(I reserve the right to modify this list at any time)

Looking at that, I think there are a lot of entries and positions that need justification. But, I'm not going to do it. I'll just say this: I'm into music much much more than I'm into movies.

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