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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The Hot New Sounds

Quickie reviews!

  • Fiona Apple - Extraordinary Machine. I agree with the record company that there's no obvious single, but that's not a big deal for me, since I never listen to commercial radio anyway. But, the majority of the songs are solid, and some are damned good. I really wish this was available on an official release (and not just a bootlegged internet leak) - it's definitely worth the $9.99 iTunes would charge and Ms. Apple deserves to eat.
  • Spoon - Gimme Fiction. It's taking me a while to get into this one. I'm not too worried, the last one took a while, too. As usual, most of the tracks sound like sketches of what could be great songs - the drummer gets a lot of time playing by himself, and some songs seem like they could use a bridge or a key change to dress them up a bit. There are a couple that are really easy to like (even if it sometimes seems that the band is trying to sabatoge them with unpleasant guitar squawkings). Oddly, my iPod has refused to play even a single track from the record in the week I've had it.
  • Allman Bros. - Live At The Fillmore, Monster Super Duper Deluxe Edition. I'm instantly transported back to the mid 70's, hanging out with my uncles at my grandparents' house - big party, swimming in the pond, dogs, lots of food, classic rock blasting out into the woods. The 20 minute+ tracks might need to come off the iPod - I can't seem to get into epic jams while working.

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