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Monday, May 09, 2005

Start Your iPods

This week, the iPod starts me off with:

  1. Soft Boys - Mr. Kennedy . No matter who else he's playing with, Robyn Hitchcock dominates the sound.
  2. Slint - Nosferatu Man. I guess just to spite me for listing this album as one I MUST hear from start to finish.
  3. Yo La Tengo - Deeper Into Movies. It wouldn't be a list without YLT.
  4. Polvo - Bend or Break.
  5. Muleskinner - Whitehouse Blues. Just put this one on there Friday. It's strange that a band shows up so quickly after being introduced to the iPod.

  6. Pretenders - Talk Of The Town. The first two Pretenders records are one and a half of the best records ever.
  7. Grandaddy - E. Knievel Interlude. The iPod has always avoided playing Grandaddy songs. This 2 minute intrumental will probably be the last one I hear for a month.
  8. Sonic Youth - Silver Rocket.
  9. Rolling Stones - Sweet Black Angle.
  10. Doc Watson - Crawdad Hole.

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