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Monday, June 20, 2005

The peepers

...shall become the peepees.

    [Cleveland City] Council unanimously passed a law this week ordering the city's adult bookstores to install video cameras in each peep-show booth to monitor what goes on.

    Ron O'Leary, a Cleveland chief assistant director of code enforcement, said Thursday that council members were shocked last year to learn that some men masturbate while watching X-rated movies in the private booths.

    "Any kind of sexual activity in a booth constitutes lewd behavior," said O'Leary. "Sexual activity includes masturbation or sex between two people. There is a law that forbids this activity in public and allows the city to close the business down where it occurs."

    The cameras will only show images of peep-show customers between the neck and knees.

via Cleveland Plain Dealer.

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