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Monday, June 13, 2005

Start Your iPods

This week's first ten...

  1. Slint - Nosferatu Man. Hmmm. That guitar sound is a bit too much like an alarm clock, for me to have in my earphones at 9AM on a Monday.
  2. Pavement - Fight This Generation. I always thought this was two songs: the first I like to call "Sweet Yeardly", which is a kinder gentler song than the one that follows.
  3. The Postal Service - Nothing Better. Bleepity bleep bloop.
  4. Idyll Swords - Bani Park. For whatever reason, the iPod doesn't play a lot of these guys (and this song is only 67 seconds long).
  5. The Cure - High. An upbeat goofy little song that I don't hate - unlike its album-mates "Friday, I'm In Love" and "Doing The Unstuck". It didn't get the saturation airplay that those other two did.
  6. John Coltrane - Good Groove. From the first jazz record I ever bought - Rhino's The Last Giant Coltrane box set. This is an old live recording from when Coltrane was playing with the Dizzy Gillespie Sextet.
  7. Cowboy Junkies - Working On A Building. From the fantastic Trinity Session.
  8. The Breeders - Mad Lucas. Kim Deal singing through heavy tremolo. Ahh.
  9. Sonic Youth - Justice Is Might. This is SY at the pinnacle of their noise phase - 1:30 feedback intro. A bit much so early in the AM.
  10. Cowboy Junkies - Towne's Blues. Much nicer.

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