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Friday, June 17, 2005


Oh, what new things have I acquired....

  • Grandaddy - Sumday. The iPod loves this one, plays songs from it all the time. It's not as interesting as their preceding The Sophtware Slump, not as adventerous. The songs use a lot of the same sounds from the earlier record - the same yummy synth sounds and swirly production, but the songs themselves don't grab.

  • Rogue Wave - Out of the Shadow. The iPod hates this one, never plays it, which is sad because I like it. In my own vast interconnected universe of bands and influences, Rogue Wave sits somewhere between Iron and Wine and The Shins, closer to the latter. They're not as sleepy as Iron and Wine, and not as jumpy as The Shins can be, but there's that same kind of laid-back, slightly dreamy guitar rock. I really like it, and play it at home quite often since I can't hear it at work (throws a scolding look at the iPod).

  • The Cure - Pornography. Only ever had this one on cassette. So I figured I oughta get a digital copy. Not my favorite Cure album, but I like it well enough.

  • White Stripes - Get Behind Me Satan. It's a White Stripes record. If you've heard one, you've heard them all. Luckily, I like them, so I don't mind hearing more of the same. Sure, there are a few new angles here, but they aren't shocking - they're just new approaches to the same basic stuff, and there are little things on every White Strips record that stand out from the basic crunchy minimalist blues-rock thang. They just never explore those things for more than a song or two.

  • Fiona Apple - Extraordinary Machine. Mentioned this a couple of weeks ago. It keeps growing on me, and the iPod loves it.

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