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Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Because we successfully finished a project for a large and important customer, our manager took us out to lunch at a Brazilian steakhouse yesterday. Contrary to what I was expecting, there was no waxing involved. Instead, there was a large salad bar full of things you don't find in the typical salad bar: fresh mozzarella, roasted peppers, eggplant, etc.. It was really more of an antipasti bar than a salad bar, since it was intended as a small first course, not as a way to fill up on lettuce and gobs of creamy ranch dressing.

After we finished our salads, we turned the handy "Yes, Please", "No Thanks" discs next to our plate to "Yes, Please", as instructed. And at that point, the Parade of Meat began.

First, a guy came out with two huge meat-laden skewers: one with small pork sausages, one with pieces of chicken. I took one of each. Delicious! Then another man appeared with a huge grilled and skewered leg of lamb; he carved me off a slice of that. Lambtastic! A couple minutes later, a man came out with a skewered flank steak; I had a slice of that. Garlicky! Then another guy with a huge grilled skirt steak - I was starting to feel very very full, so I asked for a small piece; instead, he gave me a huge 3/4lb chunk of very rare, blood-dripping, flesh. The tablecloth was splattered with drops of hot blood. My corner of the table looked like a crime scene. Nonetheless, I started in on it. Then I flipped my disc to "No Thanks" and began to moan, engorged. Then a guy came out with bacon-wrapped filets; now how could I say no to that ? Then, another guy came out with the final meat, the restaurant's specialty: steak! Top sirloin steak, in fact. It was excellent! So, that makes seven meats, not counting the salmon and pork (from the black beans, pork and rice) I got from the salad bar. Then there was dessert.

I didn't eat another thing for 19 hours. I am a true glutton.

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