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Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Sony P7

Robyn Hitchcock, last night, at The Pour House, Raleigh, NC (max occupancy ~145).

Great show, as usual. According to his website, the night before in Nashville, he recreated his current album live with Gillian Welch and David Rawlings, so last night, he did mostly mostly older songs - only two from the new record, I think. That was OK with me, since that left more room for songs I'd never heard him do live before ("Madonna of the Wasps", "Vibrating", "Ole Tarantula", etc). I got a lot of pictures like the one above, and got a little MPEG movie of him doing "Vibrating". The sound on that came out so good that I'm going to put it on my iPod - good job, little Sony P7!

At the end, he put down his electric guitar and grabbed his acoustic. Then he ripped off the pickup and cords that were taped to it, stepped off the stage and walked into the crowd to do a truly unplugged (not even a microphone) medley of George McCrae's 1974 disco hit "Rock Your Baby" ("Woman, Take me In Your Arms / Rock Me Baby"), Dr Hook's "When You're In Love With A Beautiful Woman" and David Bowie's "Sound And Vision".

Then he signed some autographs. When we got to him, my wife asked if she could get a picture. He said "nothing personal" but he didn't like to be photographed. Ooops. :)

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