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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Review the review

The reviews of the review are in!

A couple of weeks ago, Something Awful published a hillarious and scathing review of a Mars Volta record. Now they've published the hate mail that review generated. They're almost as funny as the review itself.

The consensus is that anyone who doesn't enjoy an album full of pretentious wanking is probably a pretentious wanker himself. And most of the respondents think it's necessary to play an instrument, be part of a band, and have sold more records than the Mars Volta before you can criticize them - yet it's unnecessary to have those credentials to appreciate them. Fantastic. Even better, as one letter-writer put it, "you cannot possibly be a logical thinker and criticize the Mars Volta as you do."

So many logical fallacies. So little humor.

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